Fixing Canon Pixma Mg2570 Error Code 2 140 21

Being a proud Canon printer owner is a mark of efficacy in your day-to-day tasks. Meantime, Canon Pixma series printers are the most considered and purchased Canon printer model, prioritized over other printers for their spectacular performance versatility. Canon Pixma MG2570 printer is one such model, inheriting all the Canon traits that make it choicest.

With the plethora of functions and benefits, the Canon Pixma MG2570 may also get subjected to certain drawbacks due to the errors it may come across at times. One of the errors in Canon Pixma MG2570 or any other printer is an error code 2 140 21.

What is an Error Code 2 140 21?

The Canon Pixma MG2570 printer error code 2 140 21 is often encountered while establishing the printer’s wireless connection to a router. One more instance of such an error occurring is when a user attempts to download the Canon IJ utility to do the scanning of their stuff. If you come across error code 2 140 21, you will end up viewing an error message on your screen read as ‘Printer is in use or an error has appeared. Check status. The scanner driver will be closed.

Troubleshooting Canon Pixma MG2570 Error code 2 140 21

You can get over the Canon Pixma MG2570 Error code 2 140 21 without efforts by the effective fixing techniques discussed below.

Troubleshooting Canon Pixma Mg2570 Error Code 2 140 21

Method 1: Stop Printing

As mentioned above, the error code 2 140 21 usually results from an attempt to scan documents. Also, you can begin the fixing process of your Canon Pixma MG2570 printer error code 2 140 21 by primarily stopping the printing procedure with your printer. This can be done using the guide given below:-

  • Initially, visit the start menu and open Control Panel.
  • Followingly, go through the whole menu and locate Device and Printers. Click on it to open it.
  • After that, choose your Canon Pixma MG2570 printer.
  • Then, click on the Stop Printing option to stop your Canon printer from advancing printing.

 Method 2: Check Your Canon Pixma MG2570 Printer

To get rid of error code 2 140 21, you have to perform a thorough checking of your Canon printer, both internally and externally. To do this, you can use the given instructions:-

  • Firstly, try reinstalling the updated version of your Canon Pixma MG2570 printer driver on your system.
  • Then, clean your Canon printer ink cartridges with a wet cotton cloth using an isopropyl solution.
  • After that, you have a Reset button on your Canon printer. Press the button for about 5 seconds or more.

After performing these steps, try to scan your documents again and check whether the error is gone. If the same error persists, prefer the next method of troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting Canon Pixma Mg2570 Error Code 2 140 21

Method 3: Replace Ink Cartridges if Necessary

The error code 2 140 21 may also have resulted from the lesser ink available in your Canon printer ink cartridge. In this kind of situation, you may prefer to take the measures given below:

  • Firstly, open the flap of your Canon printer where ink cartridges are placed.
  • Afterward, check the cartridge’s number and model and note it down somewhere.
  • After that, carefully pull the cartridges out with the ink before fixing them back to their original position.
  • Else, you can replace the old ink cartridges with the new ones. To do this, ensure your new ink cartridges protective materials are pulled off.
  • Then, enter these brand-new ink cartridges in the printer.
  • Lastly, close the lid and switch on your printer to perform a test print.

Method 4: Factory Reset

If any of the above methods haven’t proven effective, you can also try a factory reset to eradicate the error code 2 140 21 in your Canon Pixma MG2570 printer. By doing this, the settings of your printer will move to factory defaults. To do this, you have to follow the given steps

  • First of all, Switch off your Canon printer completely. Remove all the cables attached to several ports, including the power source.
  • Nextly, after some time, reconnect all the cables back to their respective ports and the power source.
  • Then, turn on your Canon printer, and after that, press and hold the resume button for up to 15 seconds. You will notice the Attention light turned on.
  • Afterward, release the Resume button. You will notice a light flashing in a cycle that implies the factory defaults restoration.


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